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Welcome to the Official Woolton Village community based website - a resource for the local community, listing local news, events, hotels, entertainment, businesses, groups and people. Our aim is to encourage public interest in, and care for, the beauty, history and character of Woolton Village and the surrounding areas; and to pursue these aims by means of using the internet. Please support us and join the wooltonweb today.


You think about Woolton and you think.. the Beatles! But Woolton has a lot more to offer than Beatles shrines – if Lennon & McCartney had never set foot in the place it would still be well worth a visit, and the people fortunate enough to live here are justifiably proud of its many attractions.


At its centre is a conservation area with a fine collection of Grade II listed buildings – graceful Georgian terraces, impressive Victorian municipal buildings (the library, the swimming pool), and some gorgeous parks and gardens.


This is a prosperous place – not quite the most expensive in Liverpool, but not far off it.  Classy local shops and restaurants line the streets, and Woolton is sufficiently well thought of to count discerning premiership footballers and prime-time actors among its residents.


There's a strong community spirit here and a determination to protect the genuine village ambience. In summer the place is a riot of colour thanks to the award-winning efforts of Woolton in Bloom, who also supply every shop with a Christmas tree to brighten the festive

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