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Ava White: Murder accused 'just wanted to frighten her away' (Thu, 19 May 2022)
A boy accused of killing 12-year-old Ava White tells a court he did not intend to stab her.
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Man charged over van being driven at PC in St Helens (Thu, 19 May 2022)
The officer was hurt as he went to retrieve a backpack filled with cannabis in St Helens on Tuesday.
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Liverpool parade to go ahead regardless of final results (Thu, 19 May 2022)
Liverpool will hold a parade no matter what happens in the title race and Champions League.
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Liverpool energy: Exact reasons for city tariff error remain unknown (Thu, 19 May 2022)
Liverpool's chief executive says it is not yet known how the city was put on a tariff that could cost £10m.
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